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While shopping at an antique mall one day, I noticed a photograph atop a pile of other snapshots. It showed a woman holding her new baby. The faces were obscured, and a strand of pearls gleamed around the woman’s neck. Having a child at almost the same age, the image resonated with me, so I brought it home and hung it on my bulletin board.

Looking at the image every day I couldn’t stop wondering, who was this woman? Why had this image been discarded? I returned to the antique mall a number of times to see if I could find additional images of her. Over these visits I managed to find more snapshots, dated from around 1955 to 1964. The backs of the photographs revealed her name to be Mary. Her husband’s name was Lynn, and she had two children, Mark and Sara. I studied the images closely, giving in to my new obsession.

A few years later I decided to make photographs and writings dedicated to Mary. I began collecting objects I saw in the photos, staging scenes and filling in the blanks with period poetry and writings. The resulting images and journal are a document of my imagined journey into her life.