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Among the first images I remember being drawn to were critiques of the female image – critiques that I was still too young to understand. Most importantly, for me, the work of Cindy Sherman, which my young self took not as the 'second nature' of art reworking the spectacles of commodity culture, but as a 'first nature' itself. Rather than defamiliarizing gender, Sherman was for me something like an introduction to gender – a myth (a story about who we are, who I am) rather than a critique of myth.

In this series of photographs, I set out to pursue this thought by situating a version of myself within versions of Sherman's work. This self is "Sindy," a popular girl's doll of the 1970's – known as "The Doll You Love to Dress" – my own favorite doll, a kind of familiar of my childhood. Sindy finds herself caught in Cindy here: a myth within a myth.